Favorites to a database?

Ernest Perez ernestperez at worldspy.net
Sun May 28 05:20:01 EDT 2000

> Cindy Chick writes...
> We have a large collection of favorites organized in folders that we'd
> like to import into a SQL database. I know that a special program can
> be written to do this, but I'm wondering if there is an easier way.
> Anyone know of any utilties that could handle a fairly complex folder
> arrangement of favorites? Is there an easy way to do this?

Dear Cindy,

I use the Powermarks  Bookmark Manager (by Kaylon) for this kind of work. Powermarks  [full info at <http://www.kaylon.com/power.html>] is a powerful tool for working with bookmarks.

I use it to quickly and efficiently build specialized link lists for special projects. I use it for topical web link page building, and for creating link lists for printout or for publication. E.g., for my _eContent_ and _Library Computing_ articles or columns.

The product will quickly import links from your Favorites or Bookmarks files. It grabs page titles, URLs, and builds keywords from the title listing. You can instantly capture complete info from any active browser page via Powermarks menus or with a CTRL-A hotkey. It can also import all links contained in a named URL page on the Web, or in a local HTML disk file. It's fast. I can import my full 249K Netscape Bookmarks file into Powermarks within 2 or 3 seconds.

Powermarks has Notes and Descriptions fields that you can use for a quick one-liner description, and/or for copy&paste of text direct from the page you are adding. You can create bookmark or URL lists in a number of formats, containing all or selected fields from the Powermarks file.

My usual datatransfer method is to build/collect my special URL list in Powermarks. Then I do any annotations or copy&paste descriptive text from the site. I select the fields I want to export, and write them out in ASCII comma-delimited. Then I import this file into the database, editor, or whatever. It's fast and easy.

Hope this is of help.

- ernest
Ernest Perez, Ph.D.
Oregon State Library
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