[WEB4LIB] Terminology problem

Michael Sauers msauers at bcr.org
Thu May 25 09:40:16 EDT 2000

A Search Engines in and automated index of words on web pages.

A Directory is a human-generated categorized listing of sites.

AltaVista and Google are search engines.

Yahoo and FindLaw are Directories.

The other term you may be looking for is "Portal" which is a site that
wants to be your home page; a site that wants to be all things to all
people offrering more than just searching but also e-mail, chat, shopping,
stock quotes, news, weather &tc. (Usually also has a personalization

Both AltaVista and Yahoo are also portals, but Google is not. (Just take a
glance at them and you'll see ther differences immediately.)

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