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Bryant, Eric (Cahners-NYC) bryant at
Wed May 24 17:51:53 EDT 2000

Some of you may not have seen netConnect, the new quarterly supplement on
the uses of the Internet in libraries published by Library Journal. If you
haven't seen the April 15 issue, you might want to go by this link to read about--and hopefully
participate in--a new feature we are starting: Librarians' Dream Internet
Products. Not only is it a chance to get your ideas out in front of
colleagues and vendors (who might actually produce them), but we will pay
$50 to all whose entries are selected for publication. All you have to do is
e-mail a short description of your dream product to Francine Fialkoff at
mailto:fialkoff at

More importantly, we want you--web4lib participants--to be reading
netConnect and letting us know what you think about it. It is mailed out
free to Library Journal subscribers with the October 15, January, April 15,
and July issues, and this spring we started mailing it to School Library
Journal subscribers as well. We still have copies of some of the first three
issues available (until they run out). So if you haven't seen the magazine,
just drop me an e-mail mailto:bryant at and I will send them off
to you and add you to our free subscriber list to continue receiving the
magazine at no cost for the next year.

Thanks for your interest, Eric

Eric Bryant
Senior Editor
Library Journal/netConnect
245 West 17th Street, New York, NY 10011
tel: 212-463-6823; fax: 212-463-6734

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