[WEB4LIB] macrons in html?

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Tue May 23 13:02:54 EDT 2000

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> Hi folks -- am I crazy, or is there no way to do a useful macron in
> theres the &macr; entity for a macron by itself, but there's no
&emacr; or
> &macre.

>From http://charts.unicode.org/Web/U0100.html

A w/ macron: &#x100;
a w/ macron: &#x101;
E: &#x112;
e: &#x113;
I: &#x12a;
i: &#x12b;
O: &#x14c;
o: &#x14d;
U: &#x16a;
u: &#x16b;

Then, it's just a simple matter of finding a browser and a font that do
justice to them.   The same page will also give the numeric references
for letters with breves.

Thomas Dowling
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