[WEB4LIB] Screen capture software for web presentations

Mark Gooch goochm at kenyon.edu
Wed May 17 10:43:51 EDT 2000

It may not be the best solution but I have always used the composer feature
of Netscape to capture pages as it also captures the images with the page.
It automatically modifies the code so that it links to the images as they
exist locally on your drive.  There is some work involved if you want to
link subsequent pages as you do need to go in and modify the HTML.  The same
is true if you want to demonstrate searches on the page. For further
instructions on this aspect see my page at:



Stacy Pober wrote:

> I want to save web pages so we can use them for demos to classes when
> our network is down.  I was looking in the Web4lib archives and the
> threads dealing with this were at least two years old - some of the
> software recommended is no longer available.
> Ideally, I'd like to present these from a web browser, so I don't want
> to use screen shots, I want actual captures of the full web pages so the
> presenters can scroll to the part of the page they want.  Some of the
> web databases we get are using frames and others using javascript
> generated windows and I want the canned demo to simulate an actual web
> session as much as possible.
> There was some discussion here that Webwhacker v.3 was kind of buggy,
> but v.2 doesn't seem to be available now.  What are you folks using that
> you are happy with.  (If you want to warn me off some software or other,
> that's useful information as well!)
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