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Mon May 15 18:17:29 EDT 2000 Announces New Discussion Forum

We've recently added to the capability to host web-based
discussions. This will give our readers an easy way to exchange ideas, and
ask questions of our authors.  New discussions corresponding to selected
article topics will be a regular feature of in the coming months. 

Our first discussion topic is Low-Cost Solutions for Online Catalogs.  
This ties in with an article of the same title available at  I will be the moderator, and we 
have two "faculty members" joining us as well, Joni Cassidy of Cassidy 
Cataloging, and Larry Ross, Librarian at the Environmental Law 
Institute.  Both have found solutions for low-cost catalogs, and are 
mentioned in my article.

If you've found your own solution to providing a low cost catalog to your 
organization, please join us, and share your knowledge.  If you're 
looking for an answer that will work for you, come ask questions of our 
faculty members.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there!  Come visit at

Cindy Chick				cchick at
Co-Editor, Co-Publisher,

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