[WEB4LIB] Changing Word Files to Acrobat files.

Tara Calishain calumet at Mindspring.com
Mon May 15 09:05:50 EDT 2000

At 05:19 AM 5/15/2000 -0700, Michael A. Weber wrote:
>Hello Friends,
>Once again I am culling your collective wisdom.
>What is the "best way" to translate a MS Word File to an Adobe Acrobat PDF
>Right now I can do it, but I think that I am using too many steps.
>Now I am importing it into Pagemaker with the place function and then
>distilling it with the Adobe Acrobat.
>The thing I hate about this is that the pages don't line up automatically
>and I must adjust each page in Pagemaker!
>Is there some way to convert the file without having to fiddle around with
>each page?


I know I must be missing something, by why not just use the "Create Adobe PDF"
button from Word? Or print it using the PDF Distiller?

That's what I do.

I'm sure I'm missing something here...


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