[WEB4LIB] Palm Pilot IIIEX or Pocket PC?

TMGB bennettt at am.appstate.edu
Thu May 11 21:46:55 EDT 2000

We have ordered 3 Casio Pocket PC's E-115 and a Palm IIIxe and  looking
for a VII.  These different choices were to satisfy each user's
preference of brand and OS.  My preference was Pocket PC because its
version of Office programs called Pocket programs like Pocket Word and
Pocket Outlook.  Pocket Excel has been real handy for keeping a database
of specs on all PCs in the library.  I've set certain files to
automatically synchronize with the ones on my desktop so both will be
upto date.  I've been using a Philips Velo Windows CE for just over a
year now and its no more difficult than using Windows 95.  As a matter
of fact it is built on the Windows 95 OS with some of the libraries
removed.  The Pocket PC does offer color capability but the Compaq Aero
1520 received good reviews compared to Jornada and Cassiopeia even
though it was not color in the MAR/APR 2000 issue of Handheld PC a
Windows CE magazine.  The Compaq rated high because the contrast on it
was very good even compared to the color ones.  The program for Pocket
PC and CE for handwriting recognition is Calligrapher.  Last I read it
uses a dictionary to check against as part of the recognition process. 
The Casio also has a camera available to go in the compact flash slot
and can use IBM's compact flash 360 mb hard drive which may come in
handy with large ebook files.  I've been very pleased with CE and am
moving to Pocket PC as soon as the order comes in.

Many people prefer the Palm and it is also a useful tool I am not hands
on familiar with so someone else will have to inform you about it's
capabilities.  If your concerned with price then Palm is more likely the
way to go.

Though it looks like your needs prefer a palm top solution, there is the
Windows desktop reader from Glassbook although I don't know how these
files compare to a true ebook format.  They are using PDF files that
require certain plugins that don't come with the acrobat reader by
default.  The 1.1 version of Glassbook Reader is free but the new 1.1
version of the Glassbook Reader Plus is $39.00 both at 


These are big files, the Plus version was 52 mb when I downloaded it.


PS. Python even runs on CE! :-)

Michael Dargan wrote:
> Our library is contemplating the purchase of an ebook reader that would
> be compatible with the offerings of Netlibrary.com.  The PPIIIEX seems
> like the easiest to use and is quite economical.  However the new Pocket
> PC products from HP, Compaq, and Casio have much more capacity, are more
> expensive, and seem more complex--at least from my point of view.
> I'm interested in hearing about experiences of others with these
> devices.  Pros, cons?  And, for that matter, has anyone done a comparison
> with dedicated ebook readers such as Rocket Reader?
> Thanks.
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