[WEB4LIB] How to describe a site?

Karen Hartman khartman at mwc.edu
Thu May 11 11:54:13 EDT 2000

You might consider using metadata.  The Dublin Core Generator, hosted by the UKOLN at the University of Bath, has a neat way of providing keywords and descriptions for URLs that you type in.  The URL is:
This may not be what you need, but I thought I'd share anyway.

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>>> "Hanan Cohen" <hanan at qglibrary.org.il> 05/11 6:26 AM >>>
Disclaimer : I am not a librarian.

While adding sites to my "sites database for libraries" I had a feeling
that I am doing something wrong. In the database, each site has a title,
description and keywords. 

In the sites' title I didn't enter the exact title of the site but a
title that I thought best described the information available on the

For example, there is a site called "Parents in the dark". Those parents
are "in the dark" about their childrens' eating disorders. Is it
important to write "Parents in the dark" in the title and "A site about
eating disorders" in the description? Is it OK to write "Eating
disorders" in the title and "A site of the "parents in the dark"
organisation" in the sites' description? 

Am I doing injustice to the sites' creators by not using the title they
have chosen for their site? Is a sites' title like a books' title?

Oh, mighty librarians, please enlighten me! I am in the dark...;-)

Hanan Cohen - http://www.info.org.il 
***Love and Peace***

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