wysiwyg in Netscape print header?

Bob Duncan duncanr at mail.lafayette.edu
Tue May 9 18:38:04 EDT 2000

Can anyone explain why sometimes the URL in the header of a Netscape print
job is preceded by "wysiwyg://nn/" (without quotes, where nn is a number)?

An example page:

When I print this page, "wysiwyg://65/" (without quotes) precedes http in
the header's URL.  (Using various 4+ versions of Netscape and Win9x.
Doesn't occur in IE5/Win98, nor in most other pages viewed in Netscape, but
I have seen the behavior before.)

Bob Duncan

  Robert E. Duncan
  Systems Librarian
  David Bishop Skillman Library
  Lafayette College
  Easton, PA 18042
  duncanr at lafayette.edu

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