LLRX.com Update for May 1, 2000

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LLRX.com (http://www.llrx.com) is the free Web journal providing current, 
comprehensive articles and resources for legal professionals and law 
librarians on research, information technology, digital legislation, 
cybernews, Web links and Web tools for researchers, software reviews, and
presentation/marketing/training issues, since 1996. 

Editors: Sabrina I. Pacifici & Cindy L. Chick. 
New on LLRX.com, May 1, 2000

Searching the Internet: The Smart Way
Blake A. Bell, attorney and legal Web site publisher, details how his global
law firm uses a range of software to effectively harvest information from the
Web to deliver value added services within the firm, and to clients. 

Doing Legal Research in Canada
Ted Tjaden, a lawyer and law librarian in Toronto, has created a remarkably
comprehensive, multi-part guide for non-Canadian researchers, inclusive of
print and online resources. 

National Law Library: A View Through the Southern California Online Users Group
Rating Scale Lense
T.R. Halvorson reviews yet another player in the expanding market of fee-based
Web case law publishers. 

LLRX Buzz 
Published once each week, you can easily subscribe to an email version of the
column at http://www.llrx.com/buzz/buzz5.htm
Tara Calishain's latest resource reviews include: the debut of the Middle East
Information Network; new sites from Pac-Info; the launch of Chiropractors R Us;
content rich email newsletters from Internet expert Bruce Maxwell; and Time
Inc.’s searchable database of photos by the thousands.

Presentations Magazine: Don't Go to the Podium Without It
Marie Wallace highlights a valuable resource, both in print and on the Web,
whose content focuses on technology and techniques for effective

ResearchWire: Some Final Thoughts on Internet Research
Genie Tyburski shares her insights on research and searching, the challenges of
locating free, high quality Web resources, and knowing when to use commercial
services despite the pressures to obtain everything free. 

E-Mail Monitoring: Must "Employee Privacy" Be an Oxymoron
David J. Simon, attorney and president of we-comply.com, provides much needed
perspective on the increasingly volatile issue of e-mail use in the workplace. 

Margaret Berkland's Latest Links include: a site that profiles 191 countries; a
comprehensive site on domain statistics; a resource for 2,200 annual reports
covering most of the Fortune 500 companies; for Web addicted travelers, a
database of hotels providing easy connectivity; and an international
intellectual property site.

Newstand & CongressLine Links
A new search engine from Altavista for the advanced Web user; Amazon racks-up
lawsuits; online mediation for e-commerce disputes; the most efficient ways to
search major commercial news databases; how to create a quick, painless and
effective PowerPoint presentation; Washington state gets tough on cybercrimes;
two cities endorse online taxes; and the Pentagon cracks down on...PowerPoint! 

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