LLRX.com Update for May 15, 2000

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Tue May 16 23:46:57 EDT 2000

LLRX.com (http://www.llrx.com) is the free Web journal providing current, 
comprehensive articles and resources for legal professionals and law 
librarians on research, information technology, digital legislation, 
cybernews, Web links and Web tools for researchers, software reviews, and
presentation/marketing/training issues, since 1996. 

Editors: Sabrina I. Pacifici & Cindy L. Chick. 
New on LLRX.com, May 15, 2000

Features: Guide to European Legal Databases, Update 5 
Mirela Roznovschi provides updated links and additional information in 
this indispensable guide on legal information from government and 
secondary sources throughout Europe. 

ConstructionWebLinks.com: Cyber-Tool for the Cyber-Contractor 
Angelika Ryan, Content Web Editor for the site, highlights its features and
resources targeted at the $1.2 trillion construction industry. 

An Overview of Polish Law 
Piotr Rakowski and Robert Rybicki, of the European Integration and 
International Cooperation Dept. of the Ministry of Interior and 
Administration, describe the overall legal system, identify key sources 
of Polish law, Web sites from the government and the legal profession, 
and more. 

Columns: Notes from the Technology Trenches 
In this month's column, Roger Skalbeck focuses on Applications Services 
Providers (ASPs) in the first of a two part article, as well as on the 
broadening and branding of Law.com. 

Carol M. Morrissey's subject is the EU Privacy Protective Directive and the 
U.S. Safe Harbor. 

Tara Calishain's weekly column is available free via email to subscribers. 
Please link to http://www.llrx.com/buzz/buzz7 for the latest content, as 
well as subscriber information. This week Tara reviews: East Meets West With
New Chinese Law Website; Free Email Providers Guide Is New And Improved; 

Launches New Monitoring Service; Business Info Site Brings East and West 
Together; Brief Reporter Now Upgraded; New Mailing List for Law Resources.

Latest Links (http://www.llrx.com/links/index.htm)
Margaret Berkland highlights: 1st Headlines; GovSpot; Library Spot; 
MuniSource; Raging Search.

Newstand & CongressLine Links (http://www.llrx.com/newstand/index.htm)
FTC publishes final rule on Privacy of Financial Information; the rising costs 
of complying with COPPA; world leaders unite to fight cybercrimes; the FTC 
report on consumer privacy on the Web; Web sites offering legal services, 
advice and news; new software that facilitates bypassing copyright holders; the

Telework Tax Incentive Act; the E-Contract with America; the status of 
e-signature legislation, and more.

Lois Sues National Law Library Over Use of Data 
T.R. Halvorson reports on the legal problems of this new comer in the field of 
providing state and federal case law via the Web. 

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