E Reserves Statistics

Marvin, Stephen G. smarvin at wcupa.edu
Thu Mar 30 22:01:04 EST 2000

Please, if anyone is willing to share some basic statistics.
Seeking initial start-up of an E Reserves service and would
like a compilation of numbers.

Specifically, How many faculty used how many courses to
service how many items to how many students for E Reserves.

If you could supply from first year to year 3 I could compare
what we may expect in anticipated growth and service commitment.

Also, could you tell me if you increased, decreased or remained
the same on staffing for Reserve function when E Reserves were

I will be very glad to share with the list.

Thanking you in advance for your anticipated cooperation, I remain

Very truly yours,

Stephen Marvin
FHG Library
West Chester University
SMarvin at wcupa.edu

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