[WEB4LIB] Link-Checking and Fonts

morganj at iupui.edu morganj at iupui.edu
Tue Mar 28 14:09:33 EST 2000

There's a free checker at www.netmechanic.com.  For more extensive sites
they sell a pro version.  We've been happy with Linkbot, and it's
received a number of favorable reviews - see

Jim Morgan
morganj at iupui.edu

On Tue, 28 Mar 2000, Michael A. Weber wrote:

> Hello web enthusiasts:
> I need help with two things:
> 1) I'd like to check the links on my website.
> 2) I need to purchase fonts for my MS software.
> I believe that there are link-checking software programs and link-checking
> sites on the web.  Could someone please direct me to these?  I believe that
> one of the websites is bobbie.  Of course when I put in www.bobbie.com I
> definitely did not get what I wanted!
> 2) FONTS
> I am looking to purchase some additionals MS fonts for photoshop.  I also
> need some postscripting fonts,(Whatever they are!) to convert Pagemaker
> files into PDF files.  Any suggestions?
> Mike Weber
> Michael Weber
> Dr. Frank A. Franco Library
> 400 St. Bernardine Street
> Reading PA  19518
> (610) 796-8352
> (610) 796-8347 Fax
> webermi at alvernia.edu

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