[WEB4LIB] Re: CSS and Style Sheets

Drew, Bill drewwe at morrisville.EDU
Thu Mar 9 10:02:50 EST 2000

JQ has many good ideas.  I had already gotten some of them suggested in
private messages.
As far as the font-size:medium.  All of the major browsers let you increase
or decrease the size of the font so this is almost a non-issue.  I was
optimizing the page for our laptop users and public work stations here in
the library as much as I can without imposing unneeded burdens on other
viewers.  Hope to get more suggestions soon.

Is it possible to create my own style element such as for the logo at the
top of the screen?  I used inline style elements for that but would like to
do it all in a style sheet.  Really getting like the advantages of making
one change that is instantly reflected in all of the appropriate pages.

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