[WEB4LIB] Can I have everything I want?

Chris Gray cpgray at library.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Mar 8 22:46:02 EST 2000

Transparent pixel shims should do the trick.  The following replacements
for the first two cells of your first option test page seem to work.

<TD WIDTH=140 ALIGN="CENTER" VALIGN="BOTTOM"><IMG SRC="../pix/clear.gif"
WIDTH="5" HEIGHT="1" BORDER="0" ALT=""><IMG SRC="../pix/janteaching.gif"
WIDTH="116" HEIGHT="99" BORDER="0"  ALT="Professor and student, WSCC"><img
src="../pix/clear.gif" width="140"  height="1"></TD>

<TD WIDTH=10><img src="../pix/clear.gif" width="20"  height="1"></TD>

Chris Gray
(HTML purist gone to the dark side)
University of Waterloo

On Wed, 8 Mar 2000, Valerie Lawrence wrote:

> Well, maybe that question's a little too broad... here's what I want to
> do.
> I have a page that I want to use a background graphic with blue on the
> left, a thin black line, and white to the right.  So far, so good.  The
> background graphic looks the way I want it to.  The page copy is all in a
> table.  I want the table to be relative-sized (percentage rather than
> pixels) so it will display "decently" (I know, relative term! I mean
> without too much white space at the right) on any monitor resolution.  I
> know it can't be perfect on all, but I want it to be acceptable on any and
> I don't want low-res users to have to scroll to the right. My main problem
> is that I want to force the navigation bar to display within the blue
> area, and the main copy to display within the white area, for all
> resolutions, for all browsers, for all time.  ;^)  Not that I'm a control
> freak, or anything.
> Can I do this?  If I size the table using percentages, can I still specify
> that table cells be specific pixels wide -- and have any browser
> understand this? I've already found, based on the table's current
> specifications, that 1) the pages look awful at 640x480 and 2) Netscape
> and IE interpret the size instructions differently.  NS will size the
> table for the screen width (95%) but IE only fills up as much as the
> graphics at the top of the page specify.  (I hope this makes sense; I'm
> kind of fried.)  I keep thinking there's got to be something I'm missing
> here that would make this easier/possible/etc.
> Sample pages may be viewed at http://www.wschiro.edu/test -- there are
> links to three options but they're all essentially the same except for the
> photo in the upper left corner.
> Ideas & suggestions will be much appreciated!
> Val
> Valerie Lawrence, MLS, Assistant Librarian	<lawrencv at ohsu.edu>
> Western States Chiropractic College
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