FYI: Field Searching the Web/Forms in Webpages

David Novak david at
Wed Mar 8 21:04:58 EST 2000

I have completed a major rewrite the The Spire Project. Of interest here is a fine analysis of searching the web showing the various search techniques (Boolean, truncation, proximity & field searching).

The Spire Project also demonstrates an intensive use of forms to outside resources (75 currently) working like a soup-ed up All-in-One search page. Both steps are promising improvements to the standard list of links to web resources.

David Novak  -  david at
The Spire Project - a better way to find information.

* The Spire Project presents unified access to the many search tools and techniques for finding information. Our 'search blueprints' incorporate  strategies, direct links, search techniques and forms to relevant search tools, all to present a holistic approach to finding particular information.

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