tables, imagemaps etc.

Robin L Zalben zalbenrl at
Tue Mar 7 09:27:55 EST 2000

Thanks to all who sent advice and assistance regarding the image behind
the table.

Our e-mail was working sporadically yesterday, and during the time when
I couldn't receive/send mail, I noticed that it worked in Internet
Explorer and not Netscape.  I also found confirmation of that on the website.

I've since concluded that an Image Map is the way to go...despite the
fact that I have NEVER done any work with images and/or image maps.  If
anyone knows of a spectacular website which explains editing images and
creating an image map, please pass it on.  I have already looked in the website, and found a few possibilities, but
some of you probably know some better sites.

Thanks again,

Robin Zalben
Automation Librarian
Webmistress in training (isn't that the permanent state?)
Alverno College
Milwaukee, WI

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