Library network and Internet reliability statistics?

MikDinkins at MikDinkins at
Sun Mar 5 17:22:35 EST 2000

Subj:   Network reliability statistics?
Date:   3/5/00
To: 4 listservs

I work for a library system with 11 branches serving a county population of 
405k. The County's communications department was privatized and the service 
for hardware and software problems leaves something to be desired.
Our public Internet access stations (about 42 of them) crash several times 
each day, and have since they were installed more than 1 year ago. Our 
networked staff computers are plagued with a myriad of problems resulting in 
an enormous waste of time.
Is anyone aware of any statistics on the reliability of public Internet and 
Windows NT staff workstations from organizations which may be similar in size 
to mine? Logged down time and number of requests for repair to providers Help 
Desk would be helpful. I would find anectdotal info of interest, however, 
responses from system administrators of library computer services would be 
most helpful.
If I keep complaining about this lack of service without being able to back 
up my arguments with hard data, I may soon be looking for employment 

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