Computer Lab Part 2

Charles P. Hobbs transit at
Fri Mar 3 12:11:25 EST 2000

Thanks for all of the suggestions. It looks like we will be going with 
Centurion Guard, plus some policy/registry editing to keep most nonsense
out of the systems.

But a problem has come up that hasn't really before--physical security of
the systems. We've locked down our existing equipment with bike locks and
cables, and the system cases are closed with an uncommon type of screw
(not a flat-blade or Philips screw), so no one has been able to take
computers or parts thereof.

But we're getting some newer equipment (Dell Dimension XPS) that can be
easily opened with a turn of a thumbscrew. Already, someone has opened an
office computer and removed a modem. The thumbscrews are part of the
cover, so they can't easily be removed.

Anyone have any ideas on how these machines can be better secured? Thanks

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