[WEB4LIB] Sniffers?

Walter W. Giesbrecht walterg at yorku.ca
Sun Mar 26 15:17:38 EST 2000

Michael Dargan wrote:
> I'm using the Elron Internet Manager to gather stats about web usage by 
> public and staff.  It's rather expensive and has many features that I =
> don't need or want.  For example, I don't need to actually block or keep 
> track of individual usage.  I really want to show how many unique sites 
> have been visited over a period of time, the top 100 most popular sites 
> and the busiest workstations.
> Does anyone have a cheap, reliable way to grab this traffic and pull =
> reports out of it?

I believe Analog <http://www.analog.cx/> will do all this, and
for free, too.


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