Web based email crashing

Randy Souther southerr at usfca.edu
Thu Aug 31 19:25:12 EDT 2000

Has anyone been experiencing the problem of web based email crashing
their computers? We are seeing this very frequently on our public
workstations. They are a combination of Win95 and 98, Navigator 4.08 and
IE 5. The crashing I've seen is mostly with Hotmail and Yahoo Mail. It
seems to happen only when someone is composing a message, and only when
it is a long message. Not only the browser crashes, but the whole
computer. Any ideas for fixes would be appreciated.

Randy Souther
Reference Technology Librarian
Gleeson Library | Geschke Learning Resource Center
University of San Francisco

Email:  southerr at usfca.edu
Phone: (415) 422-5388

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