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jvisser jvisser at
Mon Sep 13 15:13:39 EDT 1999

     We have a problem that I'm sure many other libraries are experiencing 
     or will be experiencing. At New York Public Library, we're setting up 
     PCs in our branch libraries for accessing the catalog, licensed 
     databases, and certain other local library websites.  We only want 
     patrons to access a certain group of predetermined websites, and have 
     set up other PCs for full Internet access. Needless to say, we're 
     having problems keeping some of our patrons from accessing other 
     websites on the limited use PCs (we call them LEO Express).  We've 
     tried using WinSelect, but with limited success.  We also considered 
     setting up a bogus proxy server on each PC, but updating this list 
     would be too huge an undertaking, as we're talking about several 
     hundred PCs located in more than 80 different branches. Now we're 
     thinking about routing all the PCs through a centrally located Proxy 
     Server which would only allow access to a select list of websites.  
     Has anybody tried this?  If so, what kind of problems have you 
     encountered?  Can anyone suggest a particular proxy server package? 
     Any thoughts you might have are appreciated.
     Thanks in advance,
     Mike Visser
     J. Michael Visser         <jvisser at>
     Branch Libraries Information Systems Analyst
     The New York Public Library
     Voice: 212.576.0073      Fax:   212.679.6841

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