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Tue Sep 7 21:29:22 EDT 1999

First of all - thanks to all who responded to my query. From your responses I was able to get something working.

My query was how to do a simple patron authentication that didn't involve checking a patron table. And how could a generic password script be created which would check, say, only the first 4 digits.

The script we will use at least temporarily was supplied by Monica King and can be found at I modified the password using perl script to accept any digits [0-9], or specific digits. Thus if you want to only accept barcodes containing 8 digits beginning with 1383 the code would be - "1383[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]"

We were pressed by time but when we are able we will try to use a check digit procedure. A colleague on this list supplied this url: (not working tonight but was a few days ago). A script for check digit authentication, and instructions, can be found there.

Once again, thanks to all who responded - a really big help! If any have questions/comments please email me directly.

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