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LLRX Update for September 1, 1999

One More Look at Shepard's Citation Service: A Private Law
Librarian's Perspective
Robyn Rebollo reviews the new Shepard's, with a special focus
on: the navigational features, reliability of search results,
the 'focus' feature, custom restrictions form, and coverage of citing

Keycite Review
Patent attorney Al Harrison has put this new service through its
paces, and provides detailed examples of features and functionality,
accompanied by ten screen shots illustrating specific content.

In her ResearchWire column, High Hopes for Newer
Search Technologies, Genie Tyburski tackles the issues of the
reliability, scope and value of search engines. Each
introduction of a 'new' search engine is accompanied by promises of
speed, efficiency and dependability for the researcher. Genie
critically appraises these claims in light of real world research

In her Guide on the Side column, Tips on Finding a
Speaker, Marie Wallace provides a detailed resource on how to
choose the right speaker for your specific program requirements.

Product Review: Hewlett-Packard's Web PrintSmart,
John D. Moore recommends this free application that facilitates
the printing of Web site documents in a standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch

Margaret Berkland's new Links in the News includes: yet
another new mega search engine; a unique calendar of events by
date and year; the Web version of the Monthly Labor Review; a
government site providing foreign trade statistics; and an interesting
world biographical database.

On the Newsstand links to articles on: the challenges of
conducting medical research on the Web; the failure of e-books
to excite readers; successfully marketing your new Web site; Web
information on donations to political candidates; telemarketers
and your phone records; the first amendment and internal corporate
documents posted on a Web site; independent book sellers fight back; the
first person convicted on charges of internet piracy; a law suit over
linking; digital signatures, digital stamps, and cybercrimes.

LLRXalerts reports on breaking news concerning: Hotmail
accounts compromised by security hole; Amazon's fiasco over its
purchasing data lists; high speed Web access through power
lines; Amazon's law suit against a Greek copycat, and more.

The LLRX Resource Center on Training and
Presentations provides direct access to the resources from
throughout our site on this topic. Link to all the columns by our
resident guru Marie Wallace; book reviews on these topics; and
access other relevant Web materials.

LLRXbookstore: Books for the Legal Information Professional
New listings include books on Y2K issues. We provide direct
links to topical materials referenced in LLRX articles and reviews, and
quick and easy means to purchase them.

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