Proxy Authentication problems

Walter W. Giesbrecht walterg at
Wed Oct 27 10:49:18 EDT 1999

The following is a description of a problem our systems
department is having. Does anyone out there have a solution?

"York University Libraries have some periodicals that are access
restricted. We are running Apache 1.3.6 on an IBM RS6000 using
AIX 4.15. We have configured our browsers to download a proxy.pac
file. This works fine in Netscape 3-4 and Internet Explorer 4.0.
When trying Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.0 the authentication
box that asks for a user id and password will not pop up. I found
that the Depaul University in Chicago works ok as they have a
similar set up. I used a packet sniffer and found that our Apache
server returns a 401 error where the Depaul University Apache
1.36 server returns a 407 error. I would like to know how to make
our server return the 407 error instead of the 401."


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