[WEB4LIB] changing standard gray buttons

Andrew Mutch amutch at waterford.lib.mi.us
Mon Oct 25 08:25:10 EDT 1999


Check out this article from WebReview:


It explains how to add graphical buttons for your forms, like the Javascript

Andrew Mutch
Library Systems Technician
Waterford Township Public Library
Waterford, MI, USA

Petter Naess wrote:

> I'm not a programmer, so please excuse, but can the standard gray "Go"
> button in JavaScript dropdowns be changed, ie. replaced with a button of
> one's own choosing (or making)? I don't need mouseover or fancy effects,
> I'd just like a more attractive button.
> Here's text from my script - I assume reference to the button image would
> have to go in there someplace. If I had a button called button.gif, how
> would I fit it in?
> <input type="button"
> onClick="location =
> document.form4.dd1.options
> [document.form4.dd1.selectedIndex].value;"
> value="GO;">
> Many thanks, Petter Naess

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