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Stacy Pober spober at
Fri Oct 15 17:43:02 EDT 1999

This isn't a full answer to your question because we don't have remote
access to CD-ROM's - just remote web access.  We've migrated away from
reference databases on CD in any case -- most of the indexes we had in
CD-ROM and print are now available on the web, often with a friendlier

We use a proxy server (actually an IP address rewriter, I think) called
EZproxy and it lets our remote users log in to get access to those
databases that are normally IP restricted.  The way we have it set up,
the proxy server address is embedded in the URLs on our database page,
and the server checks whether the connection is coming from an
off-campus IP address.  If the user is on campus, they will then go
directly to the database they want to use.  If the server detects that
the request is coming from an off-campus address, they must enter their
barcode number for validation.

I've been very happy with EZproxy - it was easy to set up and so far,
has been very little trouble.  It runs on Windows NT (we're using NT
server, but I've been told workstation would work also).  The computer
it's running on is a Pentium II 450, so it's not a particularly pricey
machine, either.  EZproxy info is available from

Hope this helps,
Stacy Pober 
Information Alchemist
Manhattan College Libraries
Riverdale, NY 10471
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> Subject: Software, etc.  for Access to databases
> We are a small rural community college library ... with 1 computer & network guy for the campus ... he sets up all the library pcs, CDs, access, etc.  I am the only librarian. Currently our licensed databases and CD-ROMs can be accessed only in the library.  We want to change this so students can access these resources from home via Internet.  We are barely at square one on this.
> 1.  We want to upgrade so our students can access from home the licensed databases we subscribe to.  What software, server, etc.  do you use that allows students using Internet at home to use their library barcode to access a vendor's database that looks to see that the request is coming from our college's IP address?   Are there methods other than having the student use his barcode for a password?  What is needed to do this?  What software do you use for this?  What are some good resources to r
> on how to do this?
> 2.  What software, server, etc. is needed to allow students from home using Internet to access the CD-ROMs that are on a server on the campus network, besides a firewall to protect the campus network?  I assume the students would have to use their library barcode as a password to gain access .. or what other methods are there?   What are some good resources to refer our computer guy to on how to do this?
> Your help will be greatly appreciated.
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