[WEB4LIB] Database link checkers

Darryl Friesen Darryl.Friesen at usask.ca
Fri Oct 15 11:58:27 EDT 1999

> I've searched Web4Lib archives and have talked to a couple vendors, but
> not yet identified a product/solution that will help me to do hyperlink
> checking on an Oracle 8i database that I use for Dublin Core metadata
> electronic publications (among other things).  Has anyone come across
> anything?  I am really reluctant to run the equivalent of a MARCout each
> time I want to check links with a conventional link checker.

Since it's Oracle couldn't you write a simple SQL query to retreive the
hyperlink/URL field and run a link checker against the results?  Maybe
something simple like a Perl script (that uses the DBD::Oracle module to
talk to the database server) that could run via cron overnight to produce a

- Darryl

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