[WEB4LIB] RE: Browser Back Button Failure - examples needed

Grace Garbe garbe_grace at dsmc.dsm.mil
Fri Oct 8 11:08:50 EDT 1999

In addition to the method mentioned below by David, I tell students to use Ctrl+h to bring up the history list in Netscape.  They can then select the URL to go back to and double click on it.

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>>> David Merchant <merchant at bayou.com> 10/08/99 10:44AM >>>

>You might want to look at this:
>[from www.tomalak.org] 
>NY Times: Trapped in the Web
>  Without an Exit. Some side trips
>  are the result of mistakes by
>  surfers, but many are the work
>  of Webmasters who bend and
>  twist HTML code into trapping
>  people in one spot like overeager
>  used-car salesmen. Sites that
>  specialize in pornography are the
>  most obvious practitioners of
>  user manipulation.

The best way out of the trap is when you find yourself in it, turn off 
JavaScript on your browser.  Most of the traps are done with JavaScript, so 
turning it off will allow you to close or back out ... most of the 
time...  For redirects, I find that if I double click on the back button, I 
often am able to get back past the redirect.  In 4.0 browsers you can also 
right click on the back button and choose how far back you want to go, 
thereby skipping past the redirect completely.

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