Browser Back Button Failure - examples needed

Grace Garbe garbe_grace at
Fri Oct 8 09:07:39 EDT 1999

If you know of any URLs for sites where the back button does not take you back to your previous site, I would appreciate your sending that URL to me.

In my introductory Internet classes, I always show the students examples of sites that "trap" the visitor.  I can then show them a variety of ways to deal with this depending on how the site had "trapped" them.  During my prep for a class  yesterday, I discovered that my last two remaining "opened new browser" sites  have discontinued the practice.  My examples of frame sites that require a right click of the mouse button to go back have also diminished in numbers.

Examples of all kinds (frames where right click in frame to go back is needed; new browser window opened, etc.) are appreciated.  It has occurred to me that it might be more reliable if I were to create examples of each of these myself on our server, but I hesitate doing this on a production server.

Thanks for your help.

Grace Garbe
Systems Librarian/Webmaster
Defense Systems Management College
Ft. Belvoir, VA

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