Passing parameters to TN3270

Paul H. Gray dekerivers at
Wed Oct 6 18:39:42 EDT 1999

I am using QWS3270Plus to connect to our OPAC
It allows me to set up scripts to automate keystrokes (such as clear and PA1 etc as well as commands) needed to get to the screen I need.

>From a desktop shortcut this is GREAT
I point my shortcut to 
QWS3270P.EXE -zcatalog 
It loads the program and runs the session named catalog

In IE I enter the URL as TN3270://xxx.xx.xx.xx%20-zcatalog and I get the same wonderful results

My challenge is getting this to work from a link within NETSCAPE
Is there an equivalent way of passing additional parameters in Netscape? or is my only choice 
to move my users over to IE???

Any help will be appreciated.
I think someone posted a message that addressed this a few days ago -- but I can't find it again.

Paul H. Gray
TCCD Northeast
Hurst, TX

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