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> At 09:00 AM 10/5/99 -0700, Minkel, Walter (Cahners -NYC) wrote:
> >* What library was the first to have a Web site, with date?
> Boise State University Library had a website in the spring of 1994,
> probably March...

By May 1994, there were enough library home pages that I volunteered to
maintain a list of them.  In March 1995, I started noting the date a
library was added to the Libweb lists, and I see now that there are 226
entries without a date.  Even taking into account some small number that I
added later and forgot to include the date, I'd assume that over 200
libraries had publicly announced web pages by the spring of 1995.

My hazy recollection is that a few library web sites were around in 1993.
Prentiss Riddle: I seem to recall Rice being one of them.  Is that right?

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