Strategic use of the Internet by librarians

Mary Jean Johnson siphoj at
Fri Oct 1 06:16:27 EDT 1999


     I am writing to you as members of the web-4lib. I would like to examine
the strategic use of the Internet by librarians/ information professionals.

  Please send your responses BACK TO ME PERSONALLY.  Please do NOT
send your responses to the list.

   I will try to keep this survey brief, and hope that you can respond
by email.  If you have any questions about this, you can contact me
at  the email address or telephone number below.

I will strip off all email headers when tabulating the results of
this survey.  All responses will be handled with the utmost

Q#1:   Does your organisations have an Internet/ intranet/ extranet site?

  __No     __Yes

#2: Approximately, how many users have Internet access?

  __1-10         __11-20      __20-50     __51-100     __101-200

  __200-250      __251-350    __351-500     __500 or more?


#3:  What is your employment situation?
    3a) primarily a student
    3b) work as independent information provider/consultant
    3c) work for a consulting company
    3d) work for an academic library
    3e) work for a public library
    3f) work for a law firm
    3g) work for a government agency
    3h) work for trade association
    3i) work for a corporate library in a corporate setting
    3j) work in a different environment (please explain)

Q4: #Location of the company:

What part of the globe do you call home?  (open ended response)
Please give your country.

4 a) Is your organisation based at one location?

__No    __Yes

4b)If not, do branches have access to the website?

__No    __Yes

Q#5:Intranet / extranet

5a:Does your organisation have an intranet / extranet?

__No    __Yes

5b:Are there secure areas of the intranet / extranet?

__No       __Yes

5c:Are some of these secure areas available to customers / members/ users/ students of your organisation or suppliers?

__No    __Yes

6a: Is the website used for marketing the organisation?

__No    __Yes


7:Use of website to do business
7a: Is your site interactive?

__No    __Yes

7b:Are visitors to your site able to order products or services on your
__No    __Yes?

7c: Are visitors to your site able to pay for products or services on your

__No  __Yes

Q#8  Use of the website to provide employees with information

8a: Is there information that can only be found on the company's site?

__No    __Yes

8b:If so what % of information required to do the job?


8c:Does your organisation set targets for information required
to do the job to be displayed on the Web?

__No    __Yes

8d:Do these targets form part of performance evaluation?

__No   __Yes

8e:What measurement(s) / metrics are used to evaluate performance?
(open response)


Q9#:  Personal home (web) pages of librarians/ information professionals
9a: Do you have a personal home page/ personal web page on
your company/ organisation's website?

__No     __Yes

If Yes for since when?

9b:Do you require special permission to have a personal home page?

__No    __Yes

9c:Is maintaining a personal web page a job requirement?

__No    __Yes

9d:Does your organisation provide information on publishing on the Web?

__No    __Yes

9e:Does your organisation  provide training on publishing on the Web?

__No    __Yes

     Again, thank you very much for taking the time to answer this survey.
I will gladly share the results with you.

Mary Jean Johnson
Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Cape Town South Africa 8000
email: siphoj at Tel: 418 4300

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