[WEB4LIB] Seen any good web pages?

Patricia A. Kreitz pkreitz at SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Thu Nov 4 12:12:03 EST 1999

Dear Gary,
   What you might like to do is look at the variety we have of
librarian/computing/publications/web management staff's work-related home
pages available from: http://www.slac.stanford.edu/grp/tis/staff.html
   Kreitz's (mine) is an example of a function/resume combination;
Dominiak is a good example of a picture/function/links to broader work
home page and personal home page; Thayer is a great example of a simple
one for staff; and McDunn shows the variety of picture options available
(particularly encouraging for staff who don't like having a 'real' picture
  We have a policy on personal home pages which might also be helpful if
your library doesn't have one. We are funded through Stanford Univ. with
federal monies and so have to be extremely circumspect about what people
put on their work-related pages. We do allow staff a link on their
work-related home page to a personal home page, but that personal one must
reside at Stanford University's servers or in another location. It can't
be @slac.stanford.edu
  That policy's url is:
  Hope this helps.
    --Pat Kreitz

On Thu, 4 Nov 1999, Gary E. Masters wrote:

> Date: Thu, 04 Nov 1999 06:34:23 -0800 (PST)
> From: "Gary E. Masters" <gmasters at tamiu.edu>
> To: Multiple recipients of list <web4lib at webjunction.org>
> Subject: [WEB4LIB] Seen any good web pages?
> I have been asked (told) to do a personal web page, as have all of the
> librarians who are also faculty members at Texas A&M International
> University.  The standard faculty format does not fit as well as I would
> like.  If you have seen one for a librarian that you think is especially
> effective, please post the URL.  What I have in mind is something with a
> few pictures, some resume information at the end, but up front what my
> section (automated services) does, how to get help and perhaps links to
> other locations.  
> Thanks,
> Gary Masters
> Gary E. Masters
> Automated Services Librarian 
> (956) 326-2137 (office)
> (956)326-2399 (fax)

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