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Paul H. Gray phgray at
Tue Mar 31 23:30:22 EST 1998

>1. He uses a public Internet terminal and accesses a number of web based
>mail packages including Yahoo.
>2. He is concerned about his own privacy.
>. . .
I am sure you will get a number of highly technical responses -
But ultimately you are left with two root principles -

Root Principle #1
There is -no such thing- as privacy with -any- kind of e-mail

Root Principle #2
There is no such thing as privacy when you use a public terminal

How can he protect himself?
The standard advice we give our staff would apply to patrons as well -
Don't do anything in e-mail you wouldn't want posted on the bulletin board.

A level of protection would be to use only his own home computer or one
belonging to someone he trusted.
Another level would be to get a regular e-mail account and use a program
like Eudora that would allow him to keep all his configuration files and
downloaded mail on a floppy disk.

Welcome to the future -

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