Katherine Kendall kk at
Mon Mar 30 16:13:47 EST 1998

Dear Friends,
	We are in the process of evaluating magazine databases.
I have seen comparisons of academic databases but not public library
databases.  We need general magazines and business magazines.
We have Ebsco through the State (Ohio), but would like to compare
IAC and UMI.  We can go either CD-ROMs or Internet.
Now to the questions:

1.  Who has the most full-text?  How about relevancy?
2.  Do the web-based interfaces search as well as the old
	CD-ROM interfaces?
3.  Who has rights (either of these guys or a different vendor)
	to the Time Inc. magazines now?
4.  Is printing more precise off the web?
5.  Do patrons prefer web to CD-ROM because it's easier to use?
	Is it easier to teach?
6.  Has anyone "gone bare" by using only the OPLIN-provided
	databases and how has that worked out?

Any input appreciated - not just from other Ohio libraries.
We're all in the same squeeze with journal subscriptions.

Katherine Kendall, Head of Technology Services
Mentor Public Library
Mentor, Ohio 
mailto:kk at

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