Alexa and copyright

Thomas Dowling tdowling at
Thu Mar 26 12:56:50 EST 1998

Nick Arnett wrote:

>...Their concepts of adding user input and categorization
>are highly promising.  I'd hate to see that part of their work hurt by
>challenges to the legality of their archiving.

I'd hate to see it to.  That's why I'm amazed that they don't have a major
part of their web site stating their copyright position.  Instead, I see
shining happy pages telling people they'll provide copies of documents from
our site after we have chosen to obsolete them.

I can't believe that honoring the Standard for Robot Exclusion gets them off
the copyright hook, but even discovering that they'll honor it required
following a link to an article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed, where the
copyright question is about three quarters of the way down.

(Anyone know their spider's User-Agent header?)

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