Netscape Freezing After 3-4 Links

Donna Schumann schumann at
Wed Mar 25 20:13:25 EST 1998

In one of our libraries I have five workstation running NT Workstation
4.0, SP3, Netscape Navigator 3.04, Office 97, MS Publisher, and various CD
ROM products. We have set up an html page for our menu and use W3Launch to
execute local applications such as Word and Excel. Patrons can also browse
the web. This has been working wonderfully since we implemented it two
weeks ago. (We just opened a new library.) But then...

Yesterday, *one* of the workstations started freezing up when browsing the
web. We can use it to launch applications forever, but when we start web
surfing, Netscape freezes solid after following 3-5 links. It is frozen
enough that I can't display task manager to close it down--instead of
displaying the normal list of tasks, I get a blank screen. I can still
access the task bar and can even launch a second copy of Netscape and use
it, until I start web surfing and follow too many links. 

I've made sure that all disk cache files are deleted. I've tried
uninstalling and reinstalling Netscape. I've checked file permissions.
I've checked for viruses. Has anyone else seen this? Has anyone else
*solved* it? HELP!!! 

Donna Schumann                  Application System Specialist 
Timberland Regional Library     360-704-4542 FAX: 360-586-6838 
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