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A couple of people asked me to post a summary of the replies I received
to my question regarding the automation of inhouse reference files to
the list.  

I didn't receive any replies which dealt with the capabilities of new
integrated library systems on the market to handle the creation of these
inhouse databases.

Thanks very much for your responses.

Here are the replies:
I have purchased but not yet implemented LibraryWorld software from
It has modules for circ, acquisitions, serials control, etc. The
LibraryNet plug-in
makes it possible for the catalog to be published on the
Internet/Intranet and
accessible through Netscape or MSIE. It cost us $5000 US for the full
You can buy less expensive sections. See or call

You really should get a copy of the latest edition of the "Directory of
Automation". The publishers survey actual users for responses and give
to reviews. Also look at back issues of "Library Technology Reports."

DBText from InMagic is good.  AskSam for windows is also very good.
used both
for this type of project, I prefer askSam


we are using Inmagic windows version, on dual platform for windows and
NT4, you may need to only look at upgrading your current version of


I don't know if budget is an obstacle for you, but are you considering
upgrading to the Windows version of the InMagic software?  The
WebPublisher for it is kinda pricey, but I think it's worth it. 
Frankly, I love the product, and what InMagic is doing with it.

If you're interested in what I'm doing with web delivery of databases
and InMagic's products, see


We have been grappling with this same issue.  We have had too many
stranded by incompatability with new software of development of upgrades
packages in use on low end machines.  

We decided that we would standardize database software that could be
used within
the institution.  We are a Microsoft shop and will utilize Access for
database creation.  We are planning to have a professional firm develop
templates for various kind of databases that are projected to be
developed.  We 
will offer staff training and support in the use of these templates for
of local databases that will be mounted and available on our website.
We have 
bought Informix to use at the web search engine interface so all
databases will
look alike to the end user and utilize the same commands.  Access
databases can 
be mapped into Informix.  Hopefully this will solve this problem and
keep our 
databases current and growing.


We have two in-house reference datases we've built with Inmagic (DOS
first, then migrated to Windows).  Our technology specialist has
written  a Visual Basic program to load the Community Resource File 
database into HTML pages (you can see the results at <URL> )
The obvious drawback is that he and he alone knows enough Visual Basic
programming to debug problems...


There is a new product called MARCit that is designed for cataloging 
Internet resources that could also probably be used to do this also.  It

then would reside on your catalog along with the rest of your resources.

 As library automation systems become WWW ready it would be a real

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