Apache vs. SSI

Steve Thomas sthomas at library.adelaide.edu.au
Mon Mar 23 03:21:43 EST 1998

At 02:19 PM 18-03-98 -0800, Thomas Dowling wrote:
>Let me throw an odd problem out for any serious Apache jockeys out there.
>We're in the process of bringing up a Web site that uses server-side
>includes in every page.  The pages are all generated by third-party
>software.  The SSI's were being correctly parsed by Apache 1.3b5 two weeks
>ago; then we suffered a catastrophic disk crash.  We have reconstructed the
>disk and reloaded most of the data.  But when we generate the HTML pages
>from the same software and view them under the same copy of Apache, the
>SSI's are no longer being parsed.  Neither Apache nor the third-party
>software was affected by the crash, so these are literally the same copies
>that were in place two weeks ago.

I guess you would have checked this, but ... have you checked the
access.conf file? Could be you've "lost" the necessary "Options Includes"
statement, without which it won't work (even with the srm.conf statements
you mentioned).

Also, since you reconstructed the files, it occurred to me that you might
have been using the XBitHack option for SSI -- which would require the
files to have the user 'x' bit set on file permissions. Since you remade
the files, maybe the permissions changed?

Hope this helps.

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