?Institutional links policies?

TMGB bennettt at am.appstate.edu
Tue Mar 17 18:40:27 EST 1998

Our committee forming the initial rules on WEB usage decided to not allow
links to commercial sites.  But then again isn't Encyclopdia X a commercial
site, they are charging a fee for access.   And, being the administrator of
the WEB site, I would like to be able to put links in to the sites I found
software on that help provide statistics, access and various other mechanics
related to my WEB site.  But then again, do you want other contributors
putting in links to the local office supplier where they buy paper clips??

As a rule, no commercial links are allowed and only library related links
are considered acceptable.  There's a thin line.


Charlotte McClamma wrote:

> > Subject: ?Institutional links policies?
> >
> > Please excuse, this message is also being posted to Medlib-L:
> > The chair of our hospital's Web Advisory Committee and our VP for
> > Information Management suggests we need to develop an "Institutional
> > Links Policy" to guide us in what links we will or will not put on our
> > homepage.
> >
> > Whether you are in a hospital or not, please contact me if you have
> > links policies and how you came to your decisions. If there is enough
> > response I will post to the list.
> >
> > Thank you!
> > Charlotte McClamma
> > Children's Hospital,San Diego
> > cmcclamma at chsd.org

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