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Tue Mar 10 15:16:47 EST 1998

This looks like a viable solution if a list of standard topics would be posted
on the w4l homepage and a standard syntax for using the topic names.  Using a
standard syntax would especially be helpful to people using email programs that
allow automatic grouping of topics/threads such as Netscape messenger.  This
would allow one to delete a complete subtopic if it is not of interest to that
reader.  Also, I may be a little ignorant on the matter but what kind of topics
would be left for WEB4LIB if html, scripting, and protocol is taken out besides
page appearance and filtering questions?  And those latter two might even be to
tech for whats left.


dianna.roberts at wrote:

> I would not like to see a separate list limited to technical discussions
> only. Mailings on such topics could still be sent to Web4Lib but include in
> the subject header a phrase such as "Tech Topic" so that non-techies can
> delete without reading if wished. I am on a music mailing list which uses
> this ploy (except that in this case they use the phrase "Gearheads Only.")
> Although I do not generally have a specific need for any information on
> perl, cgi, etc. I find it useful to have an awareness of such issues,
> especially as I may one day unexpectedly find out that I am expected to know
> about them.
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