Learning software for visually impaired

MaryRose Amidjaya MaryA at ednet.rvc.cc.il.us
Tue Mar 3 20:11:58 EST 1998

Hello, everyone--
I and a colleague are just getting started using/promoting a workstation
we've had set up for the visually impaired.  We have the following special
software programs on it:
WP Talk (talking version of WordPerfect)

We also have an Optelec Reader and a TouchTablet.  Our desire is to
thoroughly familiarize ourselves with both of these devices and with the
software.  I'm wondering if anyone else has used  any tutorials for any of
these, and if so, where they were found.
We *do* have the opportunity for training by a specialist, but at $50/hour,
we'd like to teach ourselves what we can, then rely on him/her for our
in-depth questions.
Anything you can tell me will be appreciated--we need to learn this ASAP as
we already have several students waiting to use it.

Mary Rose Amidjaya
Rock Valley College
Educational Resources Center

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