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Tue Mar 3 09:35:46 EST 1998

Thanks, Carol,

I think the print preview is a great solution right now (and a bit less 
expensive than UnipriNT)!  Is there a way to get rid of the Print button so 
that Patrons *must* select File, Print Preview.  (I am able to disable 
specific file menus but would like the related buttons gone too.)

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Brian -

I find that many users are not familiar with the "print preview" and "page
setup" options in Netscape, and so have no idea how long the documents
are that they may want to print. Have you tried using a stand-up guide
card on printing that they could easily refer to? Just a thought.


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On Mon, 2 Mar 1998, Brian D. Jennison wrote:

>   I was wondering what some are doing in regards to printing from public
> Web-Access stations.  We have need for patrons to be able to print 
> parts of a web page as opposed to all 30 pages that one may contain.  I'd 
> like some kind of utility that would alert patrons as to how many pages
> they are about to print.  Ideally this utility would allow the printing 
> only selected text, current page, specific pages, and/or all the pages.
>   We are running Netscape 4.04 on NT 4.0 workstations.
> Any ideas would be appreciated.
> Brian
> Pikes Peak Library District

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