New NT Server and Telnet software question

Robert Rasmussen ras at
Mon Mar 9 12:05:52 EST 1998

On Fri, 6 Mar 1998, Peter Milbury wrote:

> Dear Web4Lib,
> Help please: We need some freeware telnet server software for mounting on a
> WIN NT server. 
> We just set up our new library webserver using NT 4.0, mounted with Netscape
> Enterprise Server, and I would like to have telnet access to files. Easy to
> do minor tweaking of pages. 
> Is there any reason not to allow telnet (by admin only)? Should I only be 
> updating pages by FTP?

If I'm reading you wrong, I apologize, but it sounds as though you have a
fundamental misunderstanding. One does not have "telnet access to files" --
one has telnet access to programs. If you want to tweak web pages on an NT
server through telnet, you would need:
1. A telnet server for NT. Microsoft has a beta version available; there are
also independent products.

2. An editor for NT which is designed to work in "console" (character-based,
not GUI) mode.

3. A telnet program for your local PC.

This sounds like a lot of trouble. One alternative, as you mention, is to FTP
your files in and out. An easier approach, though, would be to use Windows
networking, and mount the NT's drive as though it were a drive on your local
PC. Then you can edit the files directly, with any software, just as though
they were on you own PC. You might, of course, want to have a separate
edit-and-test area for development, then roll a group of related files into
place with a simple COPY command (or drag-and-drop).

I hope this helps.

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