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 >   As a new member I am not sure if this question has been discussed before
 >but this problem has just came up in our library.  We have been instructed
 >inform patrons who chose to use the computer for online games that this is
 >what the internet service is for and that the internet computers are to be
 >used for research. (The library has in place a time limit on the computer
 >use).  I would be interested in learning how other libraries have dwelt with
 >this issue and what policies, if any, have been set regarding games played
 >the internet
 >                                                              Susan Rynkar


Our community public library has no policies regarding online games. In fact,
we hardly place any restrictions at all on how our patrons use the internet
access we provide for them.

What you are really asking is whether the policies in place for your library
are reasonable.

As I don't know what sort of library employs you, I couldn't make a useful
comment about your library's policy. Do you work for a community public
library? A public school or college library??

As you probably know, most librarys have a mission statement. There is
probably a copy of it in your employee handbook. Your library's internet
policies should be in keeping with your library's mission.

Here in Ohio, our internet systems are funded by our state legislature and the
basic mission for the service is public access. Therefore, the policies  our
board established for internet use were pretty permissive.

Almost all of the public library web sites I've seen publish their internet
useage policies. There is considerable variation. If you would like to check
out ours ...

Regards ... CD Bailey, Trustee, Hubbard Public Library, Hubbard, OH
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