Annual Report time: what do YOU report?

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Fri Jul 31 15:32:35 EDT 1998

     (I sent this message yesterday, apparently at exactly the time the 
     list was moving, so I don't think it actually got out. Apologies if it 
     gets duplicated...)
     We ended our fiscal year on June 30, and I just finished writing up
     my annual report which includes our library's Web site activity. 
     I provided some annual summaries and trends in usage data, and a 
     summary of major changes to our site over the past year, and 
     discussed things I thought impacted use of our site, such as the
     replacement this year of most of our Wyse terminals with PCs.
     I'm interested to know what others think is important (or have 
     been told is important) to report to their managers.   If you 
     have responsibility or a coordinating role for (all or part of)
     your library's  Web site, what do you do for your reports?
     Have you been asked for particular data?
     Do you report workload for web authoring activity?
     Does your library have any kind of standard developed for reporting
     Web site activity (like we some of us do for stuff like reference
     questions, gate count, etc)?
     How much technical detail do you report on (I guess this would 
     depend on whether you report through a public services or systemsy
     kind of line...)
     Do you include user feedback, comments etc?
     I DON'T mean for anyone to answer all these... Anyone doing stuff you 
     think is particularly good? Weird demands from your boss?  If I 
     receive personal replies, I will summarize them, but I think this 
     might be an interesting group discussion thread.  I'm sure we're all
     on different calendar cycles, but it's bound to be your turn soon!
     Jenny Reiswig
     Biomedical Library
     University of California, San Diego
     jreiswig at

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