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Kevin Stevens kstevens at
Mon Jul 20 15:32:51 EDT 1998

These restrictions are Win95 registry settings.  The easiest way to change
them is to run the Windows 95 Policy Editor on the workstation and select
File / Open Registry.  The restriction you refer to is under Local User /
Control Panel / Display.

I would double check the NT server first to make sure that there are no
systemwide policies being implemented.  By default, Win95 machines
look for a file named CONFIG.POL in the "netlogon" hidden share.
On an NT 4.0 server, the explicit path is:
If system policies are implemented, they can override the policies
on the local machine.  This depends on the way the file is configured.
Each restriction is either blank (forced non-implementation), gray (do not
override local settings), or checked (forced implementation).  It also
gets more complicated as you add the rules of precedence between
the default user and individual user policies, but you can try
different combinations until you achieve the desired results.

I have set up my users' policies so that they don't inadvertently change
or delete network and printer settings.  If something needs to be changed,
I simply log in with my own account (which does not have the policy
make the changes, then log out.  It cuts down on house calls.

The Windows 95 Resource Kit is my bible for dealing with such issues,
but I'm sure there are many other (probably better!) sources.

Kevin Stevens
Computing Systems Mgr.
Pratt Institute Libraries
Brooklyn, NY

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Date: Monday, July 20, 1998 2:19 PM
Subject: Control Panel problem

> Could anyone please help me with a control panel problem ?
>        I've taken over a lab of sixteen PC's with Windows 95 connected to
>NT 4 server. Whenever I try to access the control panel on any machine I
get a
>message:  "Your system administrator disabled the Display control panel." I
>don't think this is an NT policy or profile issue; I think the individual
>machines have been configured this way. Two of the machines still provide
>access to the control panel, etc. Similarly, I'd like to organize the items
>the Start menu, but that option is also disabled.
> Does anyone know how I could "unlock" these machines, and then would I
>just do the reverse to "lock" them ?
> Any help or references would be greatly appreciated.
>Ron Foster
>Circulation/Digital Services
>Mohawk Valley Community College Library (HIJW)

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