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Paul - there was an excellent article in Government Information Quarterly
last year that provided guidelines for evaluating (and, implicitly,
creating) government websites. It includes a table, "Criteria for the
Evaluation of Websites" in two parts: "Information content criteria" and
"Ease of use criteria." The article is not, as far as I know, available
online, but I've included the citation and abstract below. The GIQ
homepage (where you can order back issues) is at:

>Assessing U.S. Federal Government Websites

>Kristin R. Eschenfelder
>John C. Beachboard
>Charles R. McClure
>Steven K. Wyman

>Government Information Quarterly, vol.14, no.2, 1997,

>The exponential growth of federal Websites is outpacing
>federal information management policy guidelines. Federal
>Websites are potentially rich information resources, and
>the Web may well become the preeminent channel for
>disseminating federal information. Legitimate policy
>issues associated with the use of this new information
>dissemination channel should be assessed. This article
>provides an overview of information policy issues which
>affect federal Websites and introduces assessment
>techniques which federl Website designers and
>administrators could use to evaluate the design and
>management of their Web-based information resources.

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